01 julho, 2009

Free Documentaries

O site Free Documentaries está de volta, após curto período fora do ar

"At Freedocumentaries.org, you can stream interesting and provocative documentary films for free!".

Diversos são os documentários disponíveis em inglês e espanhol. Poderá encontrar, entre outros, "The Corporation" - http://www.freedocumentaries.org/film.php?id=102 - com entrevistas de Noam Chomsky, Michael Moore - vencedor dos festivais de "Sundance", "Leo Awards", "FIC Brasília"; O documentário - "A revolução não será televisionada" - http://www.freedocumentaries.org/film.php?id=97 - vencedor do prêmio Prix Itália e Banff Television Festival, que relata a tentativa de golpe de Estado na Venezuela em 2002.

Vejam a lista de documentários disponíveis...divirtam-se.


9/11 Forgotten Heroes

9/11 Mysteries: Demolitions

Afghan Massacre


American Blackout

At Home with Terror Suspects

Auschwitz: Episode 1

Auschwitz: Episode 2

Auschwitz: Episode 3

Auschwitz: Episode 4

Auschwitz: Episode 5

Auschwitz: Episode 6

Bad Voodoo's War

Beirut to Bosnia, Episode 1

Beirut to Bosnia, Episode 2

Beirut to Bosnia, Episode 3

Big Brother, Big Business

Big Bucks, Big Pharma

Big Easy to Big Empty

Body of war

Bowling for Columbine

Breaking the Silence

Century of Self: Episode 1

Century of Self: Episode 2

Century of Self: Episode 3

Century of Self: Episode 4

Chechnya: The Dirty War

Cheney's Law


Conspiracy Theories

Control Room

Darwin's Nightmare

Defending Democracy in America

Disney Labor In China

Distorted Morality?



Esoteric Agenda

Evidence of Revision, Episode 1

Evidence of Revision, Episode 2

Evidence of Revision, Episode 3

Evidence of Revision, Episode 4

Evidence of Revision, Episode 5

Evidence of Revision, Episode 6

Fahrenheit 9/11

Flying the Flag

Frankensteer: The passionate eye

Freedom to Fascism

Ghosts of Rwanda

Global Dimming

Hacking Democracy

Hearts and Minds

Improbable Collapse

Inside Iran

Inside Mecca

Invisible Children

Iraq for Sale

Jesus Camp

Jewish Anarchists

Justicia Now!

Life and Debt

Loose Change

Ludicrous Diversion

Manufacturing Consent

Merchants of Cool

Money As Debt

Muhammad Legacy of a Prophet

New Rulers of the World


No End in Sight

Occupation 101

Operation Hollywood

Orwell Rolls In His Grave


Outsourcing Greenville

Palestine is Still the Issue

Palestine-Israel 101

Panacea or Posion?

Pandora's Black Box

Peace, Propaganda and the Promised Land

Pepsi vs Coke

Plan Colombia

Prescription for Disaster

Private Warriors


Secrets of the CIA

Sex Crimes and the Vatican

Sex Slaves

Shut Up & Sing


Slavery: A Global Investigation

Spying on the Home Front

Stealing a Nation

Sticks and Stones

Street Medicine

Super Size Me

Supermarket Secrets Part 1

Supermarket Secrets Part 2

Sweet Misery - A Poisoned World


The Assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr.

The Bush Family Fortunes

The Corporation

The Diamond Empire

The F.B.I's War on Black America

The Fog of War

The Globalization Tapes

The Greed Game

The Ground Truth

The Hidden Story

The Invisible War

The Israeli Lobby

The Killing Zone

The Lies That Led To War

The Loss of Liberty

The Men Who Killed Kennedy : Episode 1

The Men Who Killed Kennedy : Episode 2

The Men Who Killed Kennedy : Episode 3

The Men Who Killed Kennedy : Episode 4

The Men Who Killed Kennedy : Episode 5

The Men Who Killed Kennedy : Episode 6

The Men Who Killed Kennedy : Episode 7

The Men Who Killed Kennedy : Episode 8

The Money Masters

The Oil Factor

The Origins of AIDS

The Panama Deception

The Power of Nightmares: Episode 1

The Power of Nightmares: Episode 2

The Power of Nightmares: Episode 3

The Quiet Mutiny

The Return of the Taliban

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

The Road To Guantanamo

The Secret History of the Credit Card

The Slow Poisoning of India

The Story of God 1: Life, the Universe and Everything

The Story of God 2: No God, but God

The Story of God 3: God of the Gaps

The Take (La Toma)

The Trap: Episode 1

The Trap: Episode 2

The Trap: Episode 3

The Trials of Henry Kissinger

The Truth Game

The U.S. vs. John Lennon

The War on Democracy

Triangle of anger






War By Other Means

War Made Easy

We: Arundhati Roy

Welcome to Australia

White Light/Black Rain

Why We Fight

You Cant Stay Neutral On a Moving Train

Zeitgeist: Episode 1

Zeitgeist: Episode 2

Zeitgeist: Episode 3

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