04 dezembro, 2008

La Haine "The Hate" (film) and multicultural Europe

Europe is undergoing a major cultural transition as the continent enters a post-colonial era. It is no longer a continent of just white faces; in the past fifty years or so, thousands of immigrants from Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and South America have streamed into Europe in search of a better life. Visitors to Europe's great cities such as Paris, Milan, and London will realize that Europe in the 21st century is going to have to reinvent it's cultural identity.

"La Haine" (1995, Matthieu Kassovitz) is a French film that depicts life in the banlieues of Paris, peripheral suburbs that can be roughly translated as "favelas" or "ghettos." It is a stunningly bleak, yet beautiful portrayal of social angst, through the lives of a three very different men on the fringes of French society.

It is also one of my favorite films, and I recommend you find a copy (with Portuguese or English subtitles)!

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